Welcome to the TimeLapse Network!

Hello guys it's Bommerlicous (The Owner) and I Have big news! We have a factions server coming out soon! If you can help us get the server please donate 2.00 And we will use it to get the servers! If you want to donate anything go to the help get us servers tab click it and donate 2 dollars. Any charge backs on that will be a 2 week ban on the Network and then the next chargeback is a permanet ip ban on the network. Anything over 2.00 will be given right to breast cancer charity! Thanks Boomerlicous and Anersfa!


Just so you guys know when and if you apply make sure that you know that you have to be specific on what server you want the mod on! Host will only be on the UHC server(s)


Owners of the TimeLapse Network: Bommerlicous and Anersfa

Head-Admin: Sheeplie and Shut_the_duck_up

Admins: Looking for some 

Head-Mod: Looking for one

Mod: Looking for some

Host for the UHC server: Looking for some

Our UHC server right now is 5gb if we can get one more and an hub server for 2 gb then the Network can host 2 games at a time! 

Any Questions Please email the Owner(s): mrperfectgrammar@gmail.com